Reading is integral to all aspects of school life. We aim to get children reading fluently, with comprehension as early as possible. Early reading is based on decoding using phonics. Please see our phonics page for more details.

Here are some examples of Reception children reading towards the end of their Reception year.  They are all using our lovely ‘Phonics Bugs’ books, which really help to reinforce the children’s progress from their daily class phonics sessions.  Reading every day at home, as well as at school, is vitally important in enabling the children to become fluent, confident and enthusiastic readers. Child A and B are reading above the expected level for children of this age and Child C is reading at a level that is significantly above what would be expected. They are able to decode words using their phonic knowledge and recognise ‘tricky’ words (from Phase 2- 5). They are also reading with improving expression, which reflects their ability to read for meaning and recognise sentence punctuation.   These girls are well-equipped for the Key Stage 1 curriculum in September.

This is a child in Reception reading a BLUE level book, which is what we aspire for all children in this age group to reach before they leave this year group.

This is a Year 5 child reading above the expected standard.
Here’s another Year 5 child reading at the expected standard for this year group.

Here’s some poetry from Year 3. The first video shows a poetry recital of a very well known Christmas poem and the second video is a performance piece that children created themselves.

BBC Bitesize have also produced an excellent article with tips to support reading at home.

Links below outline the approach to reading at GLPA and resources to support reading at home.