We pride ourselves in celebrating a love of reading throughout school from the moment the pupils arrive until the moment they leave. We encourage pupils to develop a love of reading so that they become life-long readers. It is our aim to ensure that pupils become fluent readers as early as possible. We recognise how crucial this is for pupils to be able to access all areas of the curriculum.

Early reading is based on decoding using phonics. Please see our phonics page for more details on how we support children at different stages to develop their phonics skills .

The Reading Strategy

The Reading Strategy is a trust-wide approach to develop reading comprehension skills, it takes place every day for a minimum of 35 minutes. It incorporates age-appropriate, challenging texts which vocabulary rich therefore pupils are exposed to text which enables them to respond using a greater range of vocabulary. Each year group has carefully chosen texts which last for up to a term. All year groups have a reading response book which reflects the pride and enjoyment which children have towards their reading. The texts are supplemented with non-fiction and poetry to ensure a broad range of literature is experienced.

Children in Key Stage 2 also have access to Reading Plus, which is designed to develop fluency and comprehension skills.

Reading Spine

We have chosen a reading spine which exposes children to high quality texts, across a range of genres. The spine includes our core texts, which we use for our main reading sessions, as well as our Reading Enhanced Curriculum books and our poetry selections for each year group.

As well as this, we use non-fiction texts within reading sessions.

Information on the EYFS reading spine can be found on the EYFS page:

Reading around the school

Reading is prominent around our school, with reading areas and inspirational book areas planned to engage readers of all ages We invest in high quality books and texts (including magazines and newspapers), to ensure that children have access to a wide range of genres and subjects to ignite their passion for reading.

Reading at Home

Links below outline the approach to reading at GLPA and resources to support reading at home. We encourage children to read five times a week at home.

Staff Book Recommendations