Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a framework that develops awareness of feelings, energy and alertness levels while exploring a variety of tools and strategies for regulation, social skills, self-care, and overall wellness.  This curriculum provides us an easy way to think and talk about how we feel on the inside.

The feelings are matched into four coloured Zones, all of which are expected in life.  We teach children to understand their feelings and the zones, and then we move on to learn to how to use tools/strategies to manage our different feelings.

Managing our feelings supports us to be able to have positive relationships, it allows us to focus on learning and support positive mental health.

You will see Zones of Regulation being used in all classes, as this is a whole-class and whole/school approach (primary).

Children can select their zones and they are supported to manage their feelings. Children with more specific needs can be supported with specific interventions to support their development.

For more information please visit the Zones of Regulation website: