Eco-School Noticeboard

In April 2021, GLPA was awarded Eco Schools Green Flag status. We are very proud of the children who take looking after their school and the planet seriously and work hard to make the GLPA staff, children and community aware of the work they do.

Eco-committee Members:

Our committee is made up of two Key Stage One representatives, two Year 3 reps, two Year 4 reps, two Year 5 reps and two Year 6 reps. 

GLPA Action Plan

Monitoring and Evaluating Action Plan

Being informed and involved with Eco-schools

Work completed at home

Oliver has become very enthusiastic about recycling at home, since learning more about it at school and is often telling me he wants to save the world. At the weekend, Oliver made a wind catcher using plastic bottles. Please enjoy the photos below of his fantastic work! Well done, Oliver.

Wombling and Litter picking
Many people have joined in with litter-picking and have supported the Garforth Wombles by using their purple bags. Rosalyn from year 3 has designed and created a badge for the Womble group. She would be happy to give badges to any ‘Womble’ who would like one (she has a limited number). Please message your child’s class teacher and arrangements can be made.

Olin writes to MPs

Olin, from Year 4 has recently sent an email to his local MPs asking for some help with controlling litter in the local area to help to improve it. Olin receieved an email back from local MP – Alec Shelbrooke and also councillor Mark Dobson. Please see Olin’s original email and the response that he received:

“Dear Mr Shelbrooke,
My name is Olin and I am a pupil in Year 4 at Green Lane Primary Academy.
We would like to have community recycling bins around popular walks in Garforth so that people can more easily recycle their cans and bottles.

We also need more dog poo bins on popular walks so that the waste can be safely disposed of.

Kind regards,