Online Safety

At Green Lane we are continually looking at ways to support both parents and pupils in the safe and responible use of the internet. Online Safety is a key part of both out PSHE and Computing curriculums and revisited throughout the year.

As teachers (and parents) we are aware of the ways in which the use of social media, online gaming and the internet have become part of young people’s lives and we embrace the educational and social benefits of these new technologies and encourage responsible internet use. We are also increasingly aware of the potential dangers and opportunities for misuse these technologies offer. Keeping open and honest discussions about the sites children are using and the ways in which they are using them remains key to ensuring their safety.

The following links to ideas and resources which will help you to support this work at home and help to keep the dialogue open with your children about their internet use.

Please do speak to us in the academy if you have any concerns about anything your children are doing or experiencing on the internet. 

A helpful guide about screen addiction and responsible digital use. It explores the impact of excessive screen time and mobile device usage and what we can do to practice healthier digital habits. Complete guide to screen addiction | Compare the Market

Lots of useful advice for parents on a range of issues including cyber bullying, online reputations and online grooming. There is also a link to a useful ‘guide for parents’.

Useful articles on a range of current Online Safety issues and new apps and websites including Minecraft, Snapchat and ooVoo. New articles are added regularly.

The official site of the National Crime Agency’s CEOP (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre). The site has advice and useful information and a link for reporting online abuse, exploitation or inappropriate images.

More links and advice for parents and children including resources linked to Safer Internet day.

NSPCCs own website with lots of safety advice including videos  to watch with your children and a link to their work with O2.

Lots of online safety advice including a section specifically for preschool and primary.