Maths at GLPA is challenging, relevant and fun!

We think it is important that children see and understand how maths can be applied to many different areas of life, including in the workplace. We have therefore asked some of our parents to come in to school and share with the children, how they use maths in their jobs.

Pizza Fractions (Year 1) 1-7-21

On Thursday 1st of July, Elm and Beech Class welcomed the owners of Valentino’s (Daniel S’ parents), which you can find in Garforth on Main Street. Year One wanted to find out how they would use their fraction knowledge when they are grown up and get a job.

First, we got a piece of dough and flattened it into a circle.

Next, we topped the pizzas with tomato sauce and cheese.

Then, we cut the pizza in 4 equal slices, we have learnt that that is into quarters.

After that, we shared the toppings evenly around the 4 slices of pizza.

Finally, we ate the pizza, it was delicious, tasty pizza.

Year One would like to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing pizza, it was a fantastic experience the children will remember for a long time.

Maths in music (Year 2) 20-5-21

Mrs Baraniak (Polly and Anna’s mum) visited Year 2 this week to lead a short discussion that helped us to understand how maths is relevant in ‘real life.’ Mrs Baraniak is a local piano teacher and she was kind enough to demonstrate to the children, through the use of simple images and fun games, how their knowledge of fractions can help them to understand how many beats some musical notes are worth. The discussion then turned to other areas of maths that were relevant to the profession such as time, calculating and money.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the session and the children clearly extended their knowledge of the wider applications of the maths that they learn in school. Many thanks again to Mrs Baraniak and we look forward to welcoming other guests into the academy soon.

Maths and medicines (Year 3) 24-5-21

On Monday Year 3 had a fantastic visit from Mrs Stallan (Lucas’ mum) who came to share with us, how she uses maths in her job, daily. Mrs Stallan is a pharmacy technician and shared with us how she uses times tables, calendars and measurements through a presentation and some great, interactive activities. We found out that the 7 times table is very important to calculate weekly medicines as is knowing the number of days in a week and in the different months! The children had the opportunity to do some quick mental maths questions to work out quantities of medicines needed and also had a go at dispensing medicines. The children were shown a table of which medicines were needed, how long they had to take them for, and the quantity required, and they used this information to dispense the correct number for the patient. Accuracy is key when working with medicines as they can be very dangerous so Year 3 checked meticulously before distributing!

The children really enjoyed this experience and it was a fantastic opportunity for them understand the wider application of maths in the real world. Thank you again, Mrs Stallan for giving up your time to come and work with us.

GLPA pupils interview local scientist (Year 5) 27-5-21

This week some of our pupils developed their journalistic skills further by conducting an interview with Dr Adams (Alex’s Dad) to discuss how he uses maths in his role at Fera Science. There was some fascinating discussion around the type of work that Dr Adams does, the importance of it and the equipment that he uses. Look out for the interview in the next edition of the Green Lane Gazette and many thanks again to Dr Adams for supporting the children in this cross-curricular activity.

Our recent mathematical parental event was an ‘open-door’ lesson drop-in where parents could come along and observe how their children learn maths. Please see the document below for feedback received from some of the parents who were able to attend.