Our history curriculum encourages pupils to become curious. They learn about the past and how it has shaped the world they live in. We develop the minds of our young historians through our key drivers:

  • Analysing different sources of information
  • Understand diversity throughout time
  • Exploring how the past influences the present and future
  • Retaining key knowledge to make links across time periods
  • Exploring questions about way of life, technological advancement and conflict.

We transport pupils back in time to significant events. This helps them develop a greater understanding of local, British and global history. The history curriculum enables pupils to understand about past civilisations. We explore how Britain and the world has changed over time. Pupils gain knowledge about the social, moral and cultural changes throughout time. They use this knowledge to reflect on similarities and differences of historic civilisations. Pupils use historical sources to provide information about the past.

Pupils also learn about significant people and events. These may be local, British or world disasters, industrial change, civilisations or conflicts.

The strands in history are:

  • Chronology
  • Significant people and events
  • Similarities and differences
  • Historical sources
  • Historical enquiry
  • Significant historians

Historical Experiences

Year 2 – Walk to compare local train station to train stations in Victorian times

Year 3 – Wakefield Musuem to look at Egyptian artefacts

Year 4 – Residential trip with Viking workshops, in school artefact session

Year 5 – Roman visit to Murton Park historical village

Year 6 – Eden Camp – new to 2022/2023!

Examples of work

Pupil Voice

“I really like history and I loved our work on the World War 2 because it was less than 100 years ago and I like hearing the sorties about the evacuees and what their lives were like. Murton Park In Year 5 was great too, we lived a day in the life and it helped us see. I’ll never forget making a large Stonehenge model in Year 4, too!” Isla C, Year 6.

“The residential was a history highlight as the lessons were so interactive. I shared a story with the class about my Mum’s grandma and it was interesting to see the part my family played in the war and how it linked to our unit in class,” Ben M, Year 6.

“History is excellent because you get to know about old cultures and the kinds of things they did. We also get to learn new things about what they wore, what they ate, how the lived or what they did for work. We do it every week and the lessons always teach me something different – that’s why I like it!” Bradley E, Year 4.

“I find it really interesting because it inspires me when I learn new things. We went to the train station and thought about the differences between then and now. When we did our Great Fire of London we learned how it started and how things changed after the fire had happened. We did some music too where we learned London’s Burning!” Florence W, Year 2.

“I like history because I like learning about what’s happened before now and what happened a long time ago. I like to understand how things that happen today are liked to past events. The Stone Age is really interesting and I like knowing how they built houses back then,” Charlotte D, Year 3.

“History lessons give me more facts and knowledge. We did work on dinosaurs and they period they lived in and all the different names. I love these lessons,” Amelie T, Year 1.