Year 5 have been learning more about the concept of fast fashion. We began by researching sweatshops and the labour that goes into making a garment, often in unsanitary conditions. On a map we looked at where the vast majority of these factories can be found. We then went on to link these issues with the environmental impact of shipping long distances. Before starting our group projects, we discussed what can be done to tackle these issues. 

In pairs, children were given the choice of how to present what they had learned and continue with their own research. Many wanted to research the pros and cons of this industry, whereas others wanted to write newspaper articles. All members of the class took to the project with enthusiasm and a desire to make a change. 

Harry said, “I found out so many new things from our class discussions and group work. Researching as part of a team was really helpful. Fast fashion is something I knew nothing about before today and I think it’s a big issue.