The Ancient Olympics Year 5 Ceremony  

The first thing we were set to do is find our team, they were Sherwood, Dean, Dalby, New. The first event was sprint followed by discus, javelin, long jump and boxing but we didn’t do that. My favourite a event was long jump because I’m not good at running or javelin but in long jump I came 3rd. Afterwards we had a big feast (they did this in the real games).  Summer Devlin.

GLAM day: Ancient Greece 

On Tuesday the 20th, wearing my toga (a toga is what the men and women wore in Ancient Greece) I walked round the track with my group. The lightning strikers! All I could hear was chanting and cheering from the teachers.  

During the Ancient Olympics, there were only 5 events and compared to our 400+ it isn’t very many. Those 5 events were Javelin, Running, Discus, Long Jump and Boxing. Once we were seated on some mats, the Ancient Games begun! 

 There were 4 Teams that were playing (our sports day team groups) Dean, Dalby, New and Sherwood. As `it was not the real Olympics we went against our own teams. Even if you don’t win you still earn a certificate.  

Afterwards we had a big feast. They would do this in the actual games. After all of that I was stuffed and exhausted but it was fun! 

-Georgie, Year 5 larch