Year 4 have been working hard in P.E this term, mastering their dance skills! This culminated in a dance off between Hazel and Chestnut classes on the final day of the term. It was a tough decision choosing a winner but eventually Mrs Carlisle judged that Hazel class were the winners! Well done to all of the children in Year 4.

A few weeks ago, we did a dance off against Chestnut.  It took quite a long time to learn it but eventually, we did it!  We did it over and over but we finally, got through it after a lot of practise. Everyone found out how hard it was to learn to dance! 

The Dance off!                                         

Eventually, it was time to show off! We walked through the hall and sat on the bench. First, Chestnut did the dance and then we danced.  Mrs Carlisle judged the competition. Soon, she announced the winners. 

Everyone was nervous and our hearts were pounding.

“The winners are Hazel class.”             

Everyone was so happy.   

By Lyla 

Dance Off!                                                       

When we were getting ready, everybody was very excited. We all got ready in a flash!  Everybody was giddy.                                                               

First, we did a practice run.  Mrs Carlisle came in to judge.

When we started we all tried our best! We won!

By Jonah