On Tuesday Year 5 and 6 took part in something completely different! Children loved taking part in some Drumba – a combination of dance, drumming and exercise. Children learnt new drumming techniques to the beat of famous pop songs and had to focus on their rhythm and speed.  

Anabelle said, “my favourite part was the drumming game at the end. I made it to the final seven!” 

Isla M added, “the instructors were really nice and got us moving and shaking.” 

Larch class write ups:

Drumba was a really good experience because I learnt how to do lots of drumming moves. Some parts were not my style but overall, it was amazing. I highly recommend this 10/10! – Grace W, Yr5 Larch

On Tuesday 18th May Larch class did drumming with a group called Drumba. In the drumming they told us about different types of drumming like single, double, triple, flam and Drumba. In this I felt excited because I like playing drums and it was also fun. I also felt exhausted after that intense workout of beating the pads and the exercise. The exercise was sprinting drumming, march and drum and star jump drumming. I would recommend this to people who like working out and playing instruments. – Haris F, Yr5 Larch

Yesterday I did a Drumba session, and I have never done a Drumba session before, so I was very excited. When we went into the hall, they told us what Drumba was. Drumba is the art of drumming with exercise. When we went into the hall we just started drumming and we learnt about singles, doubles and triples. Singles are 1 tap on your drum, doubles are 2 taps and triples are 3 taps and so on. Then we went onto the exercise bit and we did 30 seconds of sprinting and drumming in singles. We did some to music. I had so much fun and would recommend them to other schools. – Georgia B, Yr5 Larch