Swimming Resources for Y4 and Y5 children

Dear Year 4 and Year 5 Parents,

Should normality have resumed, your children, who attend swimming lessons with us, would have been taking part in the ‘RLSS Drowning Prevention Week’ this week.

The children would have completed land and pool-based activities to raise awareness of the importance of water safety.


We have liaised with ‘Active Leeds: Leeds City Council’ who run our school swimming lessons and have attached a variety of documents and activities if you wish to give them a go at home.


We’d like to draw your attention in particular, to the ‘DPW Flags’ and ‘DPW Spot The Dangers’ documents. We cover these each year in a lot of detail within our swimming lessons and prove to be very important lessons for the children.


Furthermore, the RLSS also have a webpage where if you wish further resources, you are able to download more activities. https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-prevention-week

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