DT, at Green Lane, is incorporated into curriculum mission lessons throughout the academic year. On this page you will find related documents, completed projects and competitions or special days. 

Each year group will complete at least three projects each year.

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 1Structure using recycled materialsTextiles using templates and joiningCooking and nutrition – understanding where food comes from
Year 2Mechanism – slider and leverCooking and nutrition – preparing a healthy dishStructure – freestanding
Year 3Mechanical systems – levers and linkagesTextiles – 2D shapes to 3D productsCooking and nutrition – understanding a varied and healthy diet and apply to make a dish
Year 4Electrical systems – circuits and switchesCooking and nutrition – prepare and cook a savoury dishStructure – shell
Year 5Textiles – combining different fabric shapesMechanical systems – gears or pulleysCooking and nutrition – celebrating culture and seasonality – how are ingredients grown
Year 6Cooking and nutrition – celebrating culture and seasonality – explore how a range of ingredients are grown, reared and processedStructures – frameElectrical systems – more complex switches