Year 4

Here's what our parents think of the remote learning in Year 4:

  • I posted this on Facebook today... it’s specifically about you and GLPA..
    Again, I find myself in awe of our wonderful teachers.. thank you for your 
    dedication, commitment and hard work x

  • Thank you so much for today I know it's not an easy time at the moment but X loved seeing you and her friends. Here's her work from today, thank you again.

  • Hello Mrs Waddington, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work that
    you've put in to home learning this week. It's been so much better than expected and X has really enjoyed being responsible for her own learning & taken pride in her work. We really appreciate how much time and effort it must take but hope you've found it as rewarding as we have!

  • Just wanted to say well done for how quickly you've managed to implement the
    Class Dojo/Zoom structure for the kids. Thank you.

  • Mrs Waddington, I know it is day second of the remote learning but just wanted to
    let you know that X and X are loving the lessons! I thank you!

  • Thank you for this week and everything that you’re doing. It can’t be easy to try 
    and teach in school and on Zoom at the same time. I’m really grateful for the 
    support that you’re giving X and she seems to be enjoying her time on zoom with you and her friends. She’s 
    managing it all independently so I hope it’s all going all right for her from your end too. Enjoy your weekend.

  • "Apologies Mrs Kirwan, we logged onto the wrong zoom time! We also wanted to thank you for the amazing PP you show the students, of all their work. X was thrilled to see his work displayed! It made his day. Also a huge thanks to you for uploading all the work daily. Because even if we have a battery issue a loss in internet; X is able to continue the work as you have uploaded everything in an easily assessable/printable format. The portfolio option must be a great easy marking tool but for my 6 year it can take her an hour to complete one document independently. There are often tears and frustration trying to complete it by herself. So thanks so much for making it so easy." 3-2-21