Wonderful Wednesday – parental comments

We asked our parents what they thought of ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ afternoons at Green Lane and here is some of their feedback.

Why/Why not?

Really benefitting from learning time away from the screen and it’s helping her well-being!

It would be nice for the children to have a break from all the work.

It is a change to the norm and fun to do something different.

It’s good for my daughter to relax and have time away from a a laptop screen.

It is a welcome break for our house hold to it be on a screen and for it to be quieter and more calm.

Allows the children creative time.

Some screen and zoom-free time is a good idea.

Doing something more practical other than online/school lessons gives another dimension to the day and confidence in trying something new. Food technology was enjoyed by both children this week (year 2 and 6), especially as year 6 were able to also design a box for their truffles.

We need a bit less screen time.

My daughter now looks forward to Wednesdays!

Home learning is quite stressful and can be lengthy days to try and fit all the work in with homelife demands so a mid week break away from online work to complete, enables the children to unwind and recharge their batteries by doing fun activities. I find my child refocussed again on Thursday morning.

Just a bit of a challenge to manage when I am working full time and can’t support any activities.

Its something different on a weekly basis, and the kids were very excited about that. They also liked the “hands on” element making it feel less like school work/learning albeit learning something different all the same.

Its a good way for children to have a break from learning on screen.

It is nice to have some more informal creative learning at home and a break from zoom for the kids as lockdown has been quite tiring in front of screens.

It is a nice break in the week.

Both my kids say its fun and rhey enjoy doing something new.

I think it’s a lovely idea and for the older ones who can work independently its brilliant. It’s harder to manage with younger ones whilst trying to work from home though.

It’s good for mental health and well being.

It gives the children time to relax and get creative.

The kids are enjoying and seem to be getting a little ‘lift’ from it!

It’s a great opportunity for children to come away from screens and do something fun and different. It’s also great that children who have siblings can do something together as a family.

X loved the baking this week in school and would like to do more.

They enjoy doing something different.

Are there any changes to the afternoon that you would like us to consider?

Challenge activities to be rewarded with a participation certificate.

At the moment, I find that we seem to have so much school work to do that Wednesday afternoon is spent finishing off tasks. With that in mind, making the tasks a little less prescriptive and more flexible would be helpful.

If there is always an art based drawing or writing option then the children can usually do that with less parental involvement.Also to be informed about any materials we may need the week before for baking or art etc.

Just anything creative and relaxing, I think maybe a focus on mental health, nice calm music etc

Ensure that the activities can be done with low level of supervision and readily available resources. Also give parents plenty of notice what resources they need. I imagine some families will need support to get resources because of finances/shielding.

As the weather warms up it would be good to do more outdoor tasks, maybe make a fitness circuit up (inside or outside). The younger ones could do things like star jumps, bunny hops, running etc, with the older ones including things like sit ups, squats, plank etc? I know Mr Wales has some fab things on his page too so parents could get some ideas from there.

More notice please of what the theme is. Just to allow to prepare for the sessions. Buy materials etc. Can’t emphasis enough on what an amazing job you are ALL doing to keep the kids learning at home. Team work makes the Dream work

Maybe have a grid of activities/themes that we could choose from rather than a fixed thing each week. Everyone still does everything but not necessarily in the same order.

I like it just as it is.

Just a variety of activities with the family. Not competitions just to have fun. EYFS having story time in the middle of the afternoon could be changed to another day. We don’t go back on a screen in the afternoon.