British Science Week at GLPA 2021

GLPA, as many other schools across the country, are going to celebrate British Science Week during the week of 8th March. In school, there are a plethora of activities planned for the children to take part in with some linked to their current science topic but others specifically there to broaden experience and engender enthusiasm about everything to do with science! The short-term intention is that the children will have a great time experimenting but in the long-term this may also inspire some to look more carefully at science as a viable option to pursue in high school and beyond. 

Why not take a look at this link and get involved in the poster competition Poster competition - British Science Week 

Delta have also produced the following activities that can be completed at home - why not have a go and send us your results!



Here's what we have been up to at GLPA:

Nursery (Apple class)
Reception (Pear and Cherry classes)
Year 1 (Elm and Beech classes)
Year 2 (Poplar and Willow classes)
Year 3 (Oak and Rowan classes)
Year 4 (Chestnut and Hazel)
Year 5 (Maple and Larch classes)
Year 6 (Birch and Sycamore)