P.E. continues for all learners at Green Lane, whether at home or school.

Mr Wales has set up a virtual classroom which can be accessed by following the link below.

“This week’s PE Virtual Classroom is up and running and can be accessed through the same link as last week. There is also a PE session that can be followed when you click on the PE TV Icon. I have also attached a certificate which links to the session.  All other areas of the virtual classroom can be accessed too. Enjoy and keep fit everyone.”

Younger brothers and sisters can also join in on the fun!

“We enjoyed the dinosaur video game section! We have also completed the Sonic game and the quiz.”
We even get dressed up to take part in Mr Wales’ PE
Mrs Wales’ cup stacking challenge!
Mrs Atha continues to deliver weekly dance lessons, via Zoom

Iris, in Year 3, has been out running with her dad and managed to complete a fantastic 2.5km run! Fantastic effort!

Rosalyn, in Year 3, has been keeping fit and managed to complete a 5km run, with her mum, after a full day of online learning! They even wore head lights to keep safe! What a fantastic achievement this is!