Here’s what our parents think of the remote learning in our Reception classes:

  • Hi Mrs Coughtrey! We are so pleased to see you are well and back.
    X is so excited to see you.
    Happy New Year and hope you had a wonderful break.
    Thank you for everything you are all doing so so much.
    Please pass on our thanks to all the other wonderful teachers in Reception.
    Happy 2021 🙂
  • Hi Miss Egan thank you for always getting back so efficiently when work is loaded. I know you’re working incredibly hard to accommodate for all children both in school and home learning. So I just wanted to say thank you. Kind Regards.
  • Mrs C, the zoom this morning was brilliant. Thank you so much. X
    really engaged for the first time. So grateful to you.
  • Thank you too for your excellent teaching skills. I enjoyed the lessons as
    much as the children. Well done for putting everything together like you have!
  • Hi Mrs Coughtrey, We think you & Mrs Allen did AMAZING today.
    I was trying to help X as much as possible but I was on work calls so I missed
    a few sections. I know what they are though so we will catch up.
    Thank you for providing the learning but also making it so much fun.
    X really did enjoy himself and we logged onto Letterland as well which he loved.
    Thanks again so much.
  • Hi, I just wanted to send an email to recognise everyone’s efforts at GLPA and especially Miss Egans efforts in this home schooling situation. I really can’t express how incredible the quality of education X is getting even despite all of the ongoing challenges. The zoom calls are engaging and continually challenge and progress her education at both a class and individual level. The feedback of work sent in via Evidence Me is very timely and once again surpasses all of my expectations considering how much must be coming through!!! We are in a fortunate position where I am able to support X as I am on maternity leave at the moment, but I love the variety of tasks being offered to allow people who may be more practical/creative minded to learn in that way too. We can only comment on the education X is getting obviously, but from other conversations I have with other parents who go to other schools…I can really say that GLPA is going above and beyond. All the staff must be absolutely exhausted!!
  • The lessons yesterday were great thank you its fab to see how much X is learning
    and the tools that the children use as part of that process. I am also learning a lot at the same time ???? Thank you
  • A massive thank you all you teachers this week. After a few ups and downs at home at the beginning of the week we got into the swing of things and felt more settled by the end. It really is a unsettling and strange time especially
    for the children and it helps having the structure and support from you.
    Thanks for all you are doing. We are all doing great in making the best of what we can. 🙂
  • You are doing an amazing job! A huge thank you to you and Mrs Allen.
    We couldn’t get through all this without you both so Thank You xx
  • Hi Mrs Coughtrey, thank you so much for providing all these details, it really helps
    plan the week.. I really can’t thank you all enough. I spoke to Mrs Carlisle today as well which was so appreciated.I just can’t believe how much all the teachers at Green Lane are trying so hard to ensure normality for the children – the Zoom lessons this week have made us feel so part of the school still. We just couldn’t ask for any more. We hope all the staff at Green Lane continue to stay
    safe. We are so so so grateful.
  • Here is some of X work from in classes yesterday. Thank you so much for all you are doing!You are an amazing teacher and X is really enjoying the classes. 
  • X seems really engaged and is working hard. We appreciated the amount of effort and that it must have taken to get this running. Thank you.
  • Thank you for the access to Letterland, we can’t keep X off it!
    Also a big thank you for all the online access and lessons!
    We have both reception and year 4 lessons/work going on and I’m pleasantly surprised how well the tech has worked (with the expected few hiccups)!
  • Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for this week – what a week! It can’t have been easy but the transition has gone well. Let’s hope it continues as smoothly. X has really taken to the new way of learning and is still smiling so that’s all that matters! Have a well deserved restful weekend!
  • Thank you for all your efforts….you are doing a fantastic job and I am amazed at
    how in these circumstances you are still fully engaging and involving the children
    collectively and individually and also giving feedback. Many, many thanks!!!
  • Thank you Mrs C and Miss E! Amazing dedication through those challenging times!! Today was X first home learning day and she enjoyed seeing everyone!
  • Thank you very much for your hard work and such caring nature with them.I enjoy
    listening to the lessons too! Have a lovely, safe and well deserved weekend.
  • Hello Mrs Coughtrey & Mrs Allen….a chance to say a BIG thank you to you as well.
    Throughout everything, Green Lane has remained a constant for X (and X). We
    really appreciate everything you do. All the lessons are so organised, clear and it’s
    really helping us understand how we can support X better at home. I feel like you
    are also teaching us too :). Hope you can have a very well deserved relaxing weekend.
  • Hi Miss Egan I hope you’re well. First of all I just wanted to say I think you’re doing an amazing job at teaching on zoom it’s not easy and I hope you’re managing to have some rest too. Would you be able to tell me what the texts will be for the rest of the space topic? I like to get the books at home too especially right now to consolidate learning and enjoy learning with the boys. Thank you.
  • A huge huge thank you…you are really ensuring despite this situation education is not getting compromised at all. Many thanks
  • X is really enjoying the home learning activities and zoom lessons. 3-3-21