Year 2

Here's what our parents think of the remote learning in Year 2:

  • Just wanted to say thank you for this week. X has really taken to the new way of learning and the system is great for letting her connect with you and submit her own work. Can’t have been easy but the transition has gone well. Let’s hope it continues as smoothly. Have a well deserved restful weekend!

  • X has enjoyed seeing his friends and being taught by you.

  • Thank you so much for organising all this work, X has being enjoying the lessons and thought it was very funny when the children were all scribbling their answers on the screen!

  • X has really enjoyed your classes this week. Thank you

  • X says she's really enjoying the lessons. Thank you

  • Firstly thanks for all you are doing to deliver the zoom sessions. I thought today’s lessons were great!

  • Think you’re doing an awesome job at the zoom lessons and despite the odd meltdown, X is enjoying the lessons.

  • I think you are all doing an amazing job of keeping things going!

  • Thank you to you and Mrs Stainburn for the great lesson content and engaging zoom lessons we feel very lucky!

  • Thank you for such engaging zoom lessons

  • Hello, I wanted to say that the quality of education and feedback X has had from Mrs Thompson has been outstanding. I've spoken to friends with children in other schools who have not had any live lessons or feedback on completed work so I feel very fortunate that X has had excellent teaching every day throughout the day, ensuring she has continued to make progress. 25-2-21