Y4 Skipping competition WINNERS!

Nervously, our team completed their individual skipping tasks and then came the skip dance, which was to the Pop Medley from Young Voices. We did amazing, coming first winning gold in the boys speed bounce, run jump out, Keep the pot boiling and the tremendous skip dance! The children should be so proud of themselves, as they were extremely well behaved and put on a fabulous display of skipping! Next – training for the skipping final to be held on the 7th May! Good luck skipping team!

Mrs Waddington

Isabelle wrote ‘At the skipping competition we did lots of different skills. I did face to face with Lola. East Garforth School was there. We won the skip dance and we won the whole thing so we are in the final!’

Georgie said ‘When we arrived, we had to warm up. I was in keep the pot boiling and then we did THE SKIP DANCE! This is where you skip to music. It was so fun and we danced to the pop medley that is made up of lots of different songs. We did lots of different skills. Then all the schools came together and did their individual skills. After, they handed out certificates, we waited for the big announcement. Who has won? Drum roll please. GREEN LANE!!! We won, we won, we won!’

Ella added ‘On the 10th March, 30 children went to Garforth Academy to compete in a skipping festival. When we arrived, we warmed up with four other schools (East Garforth, Ninelands, Batley Primary and Strawberry Fields.) To start the competition, individual skippers competed in double bounce, speed bounce, side swing, crossover and pretzel. Then it was time for pairs to commence. The skills were face to face and butterfly.

Next the groups competed in run in jump out and keep the pot boiling.

It was show time next with the skip dance. All four school made up a dance to music. The whole team was in the skip dance.

Finally, it was time for the celebration at the end. First they handed out Bronze, Silver, Gold for individual skills. We won Gold in the skip dance and team skills.

Then, it was the big moment! All four schools were ready. The winner is GREEN LANE! This means Year 4 will be going to the final!’

‘On Tuesday, Year 4 went to the Garforth Skipping competition. We had a fantastic time. Everyone did a fantastic job and worked their socks off! Our effort and hard work was rewarded because we won the competition! Now we are going to the Leeds final and hopefully we’ll win again! By Harris.