Y3 trip

Year 3 had an amazing time yesterday and last week at the Wakefield museum! The children learnt lots of interesting information about Ancient Egypt. We got to see a mummy called Perenbast. She used to be a wedding singer - we know this because of hieroglyphics on her coffin. From photos we know she was old when she died. The children were a great credit to the school through their behaviour and the intelligent questions the asked during our workshop session.

 Thomas P said "the best bit was being able to touch the artefacts and the Ancient Egyptian dressing up area!"

 Rocco W said "I liked it when we got to the gift shop and when we saw a stuffed crocodile. The mummy shocked me because it turned out she used to be a temple singer!"

 Affy M - "I liked our museum teacher called Kelly - she was American and told us lots of exciting facts. I liked wearing gloves to touch the artefacts. It was fun using the magnifying glasses to look at the artefacts closely.

 Savannah K - "I liked seeing the mummy Perenbast because I liked imagining her singing."