Y3 GLAM presentation - an Egyptian Museum

Thank you to all the Y3 parents who came to look at the end of mission presentation, the children have loved this mission and produced some amazing work.

Georgia – I was in the Pyramid group. We researched how to build a pyramid and then made one ourselves out of cardboard. We painted it yellow to look like an Egyptian pyramid and we used gold paper for the base and we also added palm trees which were made out of cardboard and paper. We also made sphinxes out of clay and painted them black, gold, blue and yellow. My favourite part was making the sphinxes because we got to use clay. We all found tracing pyramids tricky, because they all had to be the exact same size. I learned that it is better when you are working in a team because it is easier to make things look better for when we show people. I had a great time showing our museum to our parents!


Ella – I think the exhibition was really fun and I loved working in a team because they were all very helpful and friendly. I was in the pyramid group and I found it was quite easy because we all worked together so well but actually building the pyramid was tricky because it didn’t always match up but we managed to fix it together. It was fun showing our parents and they told us it was really good and they could see that we worked hard.


Hannah – I was in the mummification group. I liked making our really big mummy and using lots of masking tape because it was the biggest thing we made in our group. It was fun to go on computers and research our own information about mummies. It was also fun showing it to our parents. My dad came and asked us plenty of questions which was good.


Samuel – I was really excited about the GLAM museum and I couldn’t wait to show people my Minecraft Egypt video. I was so happy. Lots of people watched it and some even asked questions. I was quite pleased with how many people watched my video. I also liked looking around at other children’s work.


Harry – It was good because my mum and dad came and I told them all about what I had learned about Egypt. I enjoyed seeing all of our work in the exhibition because it was nice to see everything we had made over the last few weeks.


Jack – I really liked building the mummy and drawing it because it was very challenging which I enjoyed. We had to copy a picture which was complicated and went wrong at first but then my group decided I was to draw it and it all came out great. I also enjoyed doing things at home, I built a Lego pyramid as part of my GLAM homework which was great because I love playing with Lego. It was amazing learning all about Egypt and how the Pyramids were created.


Ben B – It was really fun because at home, I built a Pyramid which had actual sand covering it and it had a box with Tutankhamun on the front. I also really enjoyed making things at school as well. We made a mummy and we covered it in masking tape. I like being creative and challenged which I think this was. I also enjoyed the actual exhibition where I could show my mum what I had done and look around at the work other children had done too.