Y2 GLAm Garden Party

On Tuesday afternoon Year 2 concluded their GLAM mission by putting on a garden party for their adults, showing the fantastic work which they have completed this term. Here are some sections of children's writing following the party:

On Wednesday the garden party began, we have been working very, very hard for this moment. All our parents came and everyone was extremely excited and nervous. - Edie S

I loved the performance because everybody knew their line and the parents heard us perfectly! - Christopher

I showed my family around the four gardens and played games because it was really fun. - Rocco

I enjoyed digging the potatoes, there were lots of them. Some were small or big. - Lilly

I loved decorating the light, brown plant as well as digging up the dark, black potatoes. - Thomas

My favourite part was harvesting the potatoes and getting muddy. I laughed. - Savannah

I loved my garden party. My favourite part was when we had food. - Affy

My favourite part was watching Scarlett's dad decorate a plant pot. His drawings were amazing! - Sebastian