Spanish Day

This week, KS2 enjoyed a Spanish day. Each class visited eight workshops, organised by each teacher. Activities ranged from Spanish Dance, food tasting, Spanish role play, geography and art. Children enjoyed the activities and working in different classrooms. Staff also really enjoyed the day!

Keira – My favourite lessons! I enjoyed drawing like Salvador Dali because we drew abstract things (like a mixture of an egg and a lightbulbs!) I loved Spanish day because we learnt much more about Spain in practical ways, such as in a Spanish restaurant (Mrs Waddington) or drawing in the styles of different Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali (Mrs Cairns and Mrs Mir).

Bethan C – I really enjoyed Spanish day and my favourite part was making my own Spanish menu and trying some new food with Mrs Kirwan. I really liked the part of being taught by different teachers. Thank you for organising this event!

Gabby – I like the idea of Spanish day because I learnt about Spanish history, culture and geography. My favourite part of the day was when I did the role play restaurant with Mrs Waddington because I learnt more practical things that I will use when I visit Spain.

Harry W – I really enjoyed Spanish day because I got to learn more words. My favourite lesson was Geography because I already liked it and because I learned about countries I’ve never heard of. Thank you for the day. I rate this four and a half stars!