Skiing at Snozone

Some of our children went skiing at Snozone at Xscape on Thursday and had an incredible time! They spent 90 minutes on the slopes learning to ski and incredibly, by the end of the session, a significant number were able to pizza (snowplough) their way down the slope independently. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they managed to reach the bottom (usually) on their feet was really memorable for staff watching!

The children were a great credit to the school through their behaviour, determination and resilience which they showed throughout the event.

Max T - "I enjoyed going down the slope by myself. It took a few tries but I didn't give up."

Ted - "I liked how I went down the slope really fast!"

Ella J - "I liked it when I learnt how to turn side to side."

Grace W - "I liked how the rope pulled you to the top of the slope so you didn't have to walk up sideways!"

Bobby M - "I liked it when I went down the hill by myself and learnt to stop by myself doing a pizza shape!"

 Hannah C - "I really liked it when I went down the slope on my own. I fell over lots of times but then one time I came down on my own without falling over!"

Isla C- "I enjoyed going really fast down the slope!"

Zak B - "I liked going down on my own - I've never done skiing but I thought it was very good!"