A visit from a journalist

In English Year 3 have been learning to write newspaper reports and so as part of their learning  had an inspirational visit from Mr Skilbeck this morning. He shared with the children how he became a sports journalist and what his job involves. It was fascinating to hear some of the famous sports stars that he has interviewed (including Wayne Rooney when he was a young lad at Manchester Utd!) He has been at some amazing sports events in his career including the Athens Olympics in 2004, London 2012, Wimbledon (where he interviewed Jenny Murray!) and a number of football matches (recently Liverpool v Napoli) here and across Europe (Spain, France and Holland).

It was really interesting to hear how he had always loved writing since he was seven or eight and this is what led him down the journalism route at university. He showed the children some of his vital work equipment including his dictaphone, contact book and mobile phone. One of the most humorous moments he remembers during his career to date was when Novak Djokovic turned up at one of Maria Sharapova's press conferences and started asking her lots of questions instead of the journalists!

Here is what some Year 3 children thought:

Lola -I learned that Mr Skilbeck's favourite sport is tennis. He has a little phone that he uses to talk to celebrities to record what they say.

Scarlett - I liked Mr Skilbeck because he was very kind and taught us a lot. 

I learned Mr Skilbeck finds it hard being away from his family!

What I found interesting was that he (was part of a team of) 25/30 people helping make a newspaper.

Kai - He told us that he writes about sports events and goes to lots of places

George -It was interesting hearing that sometimes he has a translator which was interesting because it can change language.

Bentley - When Mr Skilbeck came in I was so excited because I have never seen a real journalist!

Jessica - I learnt from Mr Skilbeck that he takes notes then goes too his office and types what he sees.

I learned that he goes to sports events and talks to famous people and his job is very interesting. Sophie -We learned that if you are a journalist you can travel all round the world!