Y2 poetry

Poplar class have been looking at a variety of different poems which they have thoroughly enjoyed. In one activity, we studied 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough and then proceeded to make up our own verses about sounds in school, inspired by his work. A collection of verses, from different children, were chosen and have been put together to create a class poem - The Sound Collector by Poplar class. Enjoy!

The sound collector by Poplar class 2019


A teacher called this morning

Dressed all in black and white

Put every sound in to a bag

And took it in the night.


The munching of the crisps

The banging of the chairs

The rattling of the pans

The dinner lady who cares.


The talking of the teachers

The crashing of the plates

The shuffling of the forks

Children chatting to their mates.


The whipping of the skipping ropes

The bouncing of the ball

The stamping of the children’s feet

When they run and fall.