Inter-house badminton

Wednesday saw the first ever inter-house badminton event! LKS2 children took part and the competition was brilliantly organised and led by Lilly and Zoe, our Yr 6 Badminton Coaches. A fantastic time was had by all the children as they tried to win points for their houses by completing a range of challenges such as getting a shuttlecock closest to the hoop, serving it into the hoops and hitting the shuttlecock up as many times as they could without it hitting the floor. The final results were as follows:


1st - Dalby House (200 points)

2nd - New House (150 points)

3rd - Sherwood House (100 points)

4th - Dean House (50 points)


This win means there is drama at the top of the Adcock Trophy House Leader board - we have New and Dalby joint leaders on 450 points!