*IMPORTANT* Applying for a reception place at school

Applying for primary school for September 2021


Applications for children due to start in reception (or year 3 at Rothwell Victoria or Yeadon Westfield Junior school) are made in advance.

You can find all the information you need on our website.

We also run some virtual advice sessions on the Leeds City Council Facebook page.

Applications are open between 1 November 2020 and 15 January 2021. You apply by visiting

You must apply to your home local authority (whoever empties your bins) but you can ask for schools outside of that area. We will work with other local authorities if you ask for a school place in another local authority area.

If you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact us by phone 0113 222 4414 or by email:


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to include 5 schools?

You should apply for 5 schools to give your child the best chance of getting a place at a school you want. Asking for only 1 school doesn’t increase your chances of being given a place.

You'll need to list the schools in your order of preference when you apply. Schools don’t know your preference order.   If a place is available at more than one school, we'll offer you the one highest on your list.  

How do I check if my address gives priority for any schools?

You can check this on our website. If you live in a school’s catchment area, we recommend you include it as one of your 5 preferences.

Living in a school's catchment area does not guarantee your child a place at that school, it provides a higher priority for admission to that school.

How to do I know if my child has a reasonable chance of being offered a place?

Each school has its own set of rules which are used to decide which children to offer a place to. This is called their admissions policy.

You should read the admissions policy for each of the schools you want to apply for. This will help you to check what chance your child has of getting a place. You can check admission criteria at  (number 4)

To see whether your child has a good chance of getting in, you should check which priority your child comes under and also check the school admissions information to see who got a place last year.

If I only provide 1 preference and you can’t offer me this school, will you allocate me a place at my local or closest school?

We can’t do this as we’re not allowed to reserve places. Places will be given to those who ask for them, so your local school’s places may be filled with children who ask for a place. This means there may not be places left for children who didn’t ask for one.  You should include your local school as one of your preferences, to be considered for a place there.

My neighbour’s child qualified for a place last year, so won’t my child be guaranteed a place at the same school?

No child is guaranteed a place at any school. Your neighbour’s child may have met different admission criteria, or there may have been a different number of applications that year. You should look at the school’s admission criteria to help you decide if there is a reasonable chance of your child being offered a place.

Do I need to apply if my child currently attends the nursery?

Yes, you still need to apply. Going to a school's nursery does not guarantee your child a place at that school. All places are offered according to the school’s admission policy criteria.

Do I need to apply if my child has a sibling?

Yes, you still need to apply. Not all schools provide a higher priority for siblings. You should read each school’s admissions policy to see if you meet their sibling criteria. Make sure you include sibling information on your application.

How do I find out more about the school?

Covid restrictions means schools are currently unable to hold open days, but you can look at schools websites for more information and some schools may be holding virtual open days.

How will my child travel to school?

Only a small number of primary age children are entitled to free travel assistance. You should read the latest version of Leeds Children’s Services Transport Policy to see whether you might qualify. This can be found at


How do I check if I need to provide extra information?

If you think your child should get a place due to a specific admissions criteria, you may need to submit extra information to support your application by the closing date.

You may need to submit extra information if your child:

  • has spent time in care (fostered, adopted or looked after)
  • needs to show proof of religion
  • qualifies for a specific admissions criteria


What happens if my circumstances change?

If there is a change to your circumstances, such as a house move, you will need to tell us and we may need to see evidence of the change.   You can send this to us at  You should look at our website for information or contact us for advice.

If you think you will move home after the closing date, you should apply on time using your child’s current address.  For all house moves before 12 February 2021, you will be able to make changes to your application provided you send us satisfactory evidence of the move and any new preferences by this date.

If you move home after 12 February, we may not be able to change the address until after national offer day, but you must still tell us as sometimes we can make these changes.

To show you have left your previous address send us:

  • an exit utility bill for the previous property (gas, electricity, water, landline telephone) or
  • a completion of sale document or
  • a landlord notice to leave

To show you have moved to your new address send us:

  • new council tax bill in your name or
  • tenancy agreement for a rented property or
  • house purchase completion (not exchange).

If you live outside the UK and are planning to move to Leeds soon, you can apply for a Leeds school place in advance.  We will need to use your international address until your child has arrived in Leeds.

You will need to provide us with documentary evidence when your child arrives in Leeds. You can find more information on our website


Fraudulent addresses

It is a crime to use a false address in your application. Using an address for a childminder or relative or renting a property for a short period of time would be considered using a fraudulent address. We do checks and if an application is found to be fraudulent or misleading, we will withdraw the offer of a place, even if a child has started at a school.

When you’ll find out  

We offer primary school places on 16 April 2021 (offer day) on behalf of all Leeds schools.  

If you applied through our online application portal we'll email you with your child's offer. We'll send the email during the working day.

If you applied in any other way, you'll receive an offer letter to your registered home address (a few days after offer day).

Home education

Teaching your child at home, instead of sending them to school full time is called elective home education. If your child is of compulsory school age (between 5 and 16 years old) and you want to teach them at home, you should contact us for more information, please phone 0113 378 5028 or email

You can teach them yourself or employ a tutor to support you. You will be fully responsible for making sure that they receive a suitable, full-time education for their age, aptitude and skills and special educational needs (if any).   If you educate your child at home you will not get any financial help from us.

We need to safeguard all children and to make sure they are getting a suitable education at home. To do this, we will arrange a home visit at least once a year to see you and your child and we will ask you to provide an education plan.

You can read more about home education here:









Useful numbers and contact details


Leeds City Council website:


Admissions team: For all admissions enquiries please contact 0113 222 4414 or email


Transport: For application forms, guidance notes, Leeds Children’s Transport policy, Under-16 Photocards and information about bus travel can be obtained at: If you need information on your ‘Nearest Qualifying School’ or have other general school transport questions please contact the Leeds Education Transport Assessment Team on 0113 348 1122 or


Elective Home Education: For information on Elective Home Education please contact 0113 378 5028


School meals: For information and applying for free school meals please contact 0113 222 4404.


School uniforms and other expenses parents should contact the school their child will be attending for information about help with school uniforms.


Special Educational Needs Information: For children with an existing Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) parents should contact their SEN casework officer phone 0113 378 5256. For general information, support and advice about SEN and disabilities contact the Leeds Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Service phone 0113 378 5020.

Family Information Service: For information on childcare please contact the Family Information Service by email or by phoning 0113 378 9700 or