Ice Skating

Year 3 had an incredible time at the Ice Cube in Leeds on Friday 14th February. Mrs Kirwan and I were so proud of how our children behaved throughout the trip and the amazing determination and spirit they showed as they tried a new sport. It was remarkable to see how quickly our boys and girls were able to stand up and confidently skate both round and across the rink! A big thank you to Emma, Ben and Myles at the Ice Cube for giving our children such an amazing time. 

Here are some comments from our children after the event:

Archie P - "I enjoyed falling over because the ice felt funny."

Emme - "It was the best thing of my entire life!"

Harry E - "At the beginning I kept falling over but then I got better and didn't have to use the barriers anymore."

Scarlett A - "It was the most amazing school trip ever!"

Bea S - "I liked it when we could go around the rink on our own."

Abigail R - "By the end I was jumping - it was amazing!"

Thomas P-O - "I kept falling over at the beginning but I enjoyed it when we could freely skate".

Natalia D - "At first I didn't know how to skate but by the end I did!"

Bella R - "I enjoyed skating around and I enjoyed skating from one side to the other."

Thea G - "I liked it when I was skating without holding onto the barrier."