Hazel school trip to Leeds Art Gallery

Hazel class had a fantastic opportunity to visit Leeds Art Gallery and produced some wonderful Christmas art. The children really enjoyed the experience!


Eryn wrote “The experience was amazing. I went on a train for the first time and I have never been to an Art Gallery before! We made Christmas decorations and we had lots of fun!”


“I really enjoyed my experience as I have never been to an Art Gallery before. I really enjoyed the train ride too,” said Isla.”


Ben exclaimed “I loved messing around with the paint at Leeds Art Gallery. I also loved making our own awesome painting.”


“We went on a train and it was the very first time I have been on one! We split into groups and we rode into Leeds. We went to the Art Gallery and we created our own painting,” added Milly.


Holly claimed “My school trip on Tuesday was AMAZING. We went to Leeds Art Gallery and we did lots of crazy, exciting art. It was the first time that I have visited the Art Gallery. There were lots of unique pieces of art which I loved. I also loved travelling on the train!”


“Today we went on a train to Leeds Art Gallery. It is the first time that I have been to an Art Gallery and it was the best experience. I really enjoyed making baubles and painting. I also loved looking at the paintings that artists have done,” Sophie added.