Connor – Yesterday, Andy Gowdy from the Leeds Beekeeping Association visited our school and talked about some bees. I learned that male bees don’t sting and female bees are called worker bees because they do all the work! Scarlet – Did you know a mite is a purple spot on a bee and if you don’t do anything about it, the bee will die? Did you know male bees don’t have a father or a stinger? Did you know male bees are bigger than female bees? Did you know 95 percent of female bees do the jobs that bees need to do? Isabel – On the 7th May, a man called Andy came in and taught us about bees. It takes 16 days for a queen’s eggs to hatch. The queen bee lays more than 200 eggs a day. Bees make honey and wasps kill bees. Do not feed a bee sugar syrup! Eve – On the 7th May, Andy Gowdy came to visit year 3. He is a beekeeper at Temple Newsam and he brought four hives to show us. He also let us hold a block of bee’s wax, which stunk! We also dressed up in a beekeeper training suit. Did you know that we are the biggest cause of bees dying? It is important that we don’t stop planting flowers because then there wouldn’t be anywhere for bees to get food from.