Music at our academy engages, inspires and challenges pupils. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to appraise, perform, compose and record their musical experiences.

Class genres

We encourage our children to listen to and discuss a wide range of music. Each year group is assigned a musical genre to broaden their knowledge and provide enjoyment. The class genres are as follows:

Year 1 – Country

Year 2 – Pop

Year 3 – Blues

Year 4 – Classical (orchestral music)

Year 5 – Metal/rock

Year 6 – Swing 

Class instruments

Children at GLPA spend two academic years learning an instrument in class. Over the course of their GLPA journey, children experience playing the recorder, the glockenspiel and the ukulele. This is designed to boost confidence, improve fine motor skills and teach performance techniques. The class instruments are assigned to:

Year 1 & 4 – Recorder

Year 2 & 3 – Glockenspiel 

Year 5 & 6 – Ukulele