Year 3 had a fantastic time working together to build Stone age style dens last week led by our Den leader Chris! In glorious spring sunshine the children had a brilliant time constructing their dens using a range of materials. It was great to see lots of super teamwork on show and creative designs!
Max McF and Charlotte explain the morning below:
Max McF writes:
On Wednesday 10th May Oak and Rowan class did den building. There were 3 from Oak and 3 from Rowan as you can see on the pictures. At the start we met our leader called Chris. He told all of us how to make the den. All of us helped each other put the cane sticks in the grass. We put the canes in together because the bright, green grass was dry so it was pretty tough ground. But as I said we worked as a team so it came out well. To stick the canes together Chris introduced zip ties. All you needed to do with the zip ties was pull them. If you wanted to undo them you had to push a leaver and then it came undone. After that we put two canes in the ground. Chris then introduced blue piping as an archway. 
Charlotte D writes:
Since we are learning about the Stone Age the teachers decided to do den building. I was beyond excited!
It was at the back of the KS2 field. My den was closest to the back of the field.
My team was Iona, Lochlan, Charlotte, Paisley, Archie and Seth 
I used:
I found fixing the walls challenging. I also found it hard to keep the details whilst putting on the tarp. Inside we each had our own rooms. 
Next time?
If we did it again I would make it bigger and taller. I hope we do it again because I really enjoyed it!