On Thursday afternoon KS2 children were treated to a 30 minute Zoom with Leeds Utd footballer Robbie Gotts! Children had prepared questions for him to ask ranging from why he chose to Leeds Utd to what goal celebration he would do if he scored a goal.

 Robbie’s message was fantastic for the children to hear – he said three things are vital to make it as a footballer.  

1) Hard work

2) Positive attitude

3) practise

 Robbie told the children you can have talent but if you don’t work hard you won’t fulfil your talent. Although becoming a footballer has taken him hard work and sacrifices (e.g not going out partying like his friends) he said he’d rather be doing what he is. Robbie got his first team league debut last weekend against Cardiff City – he has shown amazing patience because he had been on the bench for 36 consecutive games before finally getting his big chance!

 Here is some other really interesting information he shared with the children (not direct quotes):

His favourite footballers

David Beckham, Dani Alves and Ronaldo

His favourite other sports

Tennis or golf

Possible other job if he wasn’t a footballer

P.E teacher or something practical. To be honest, if it wasn’t for football I am not really sure what I would do!

How would you celebrate a goal?

Punch the air and possible small leap into the air!

How old were you when you started playing football?

One I think – I always wanted to be like my older brother.

Why Leeds Utd?

I started at Leeds Utd academy at the age of 7. I lived in Harrogate and although Middlesbrough scouted me it was a no brainer to be honest.

What’s helped you become a better footballer?

Eating a healthy diet has made a massive difference – you feel much more positive mentally. I have to get on the scales each morning and send my weight to the nutritionist. If my weight was up the manager might tell me to do an extra hour on the bike.

How often do you train?

Usually 1 and half to 2 hours a day plus time in the gym. Usually three days before a game we do a training exercise called ‘Murder Ball’. It’s so exhausting players are sometimes sick after it. I usually have an ice tub after ‘Murder Ball’ because my legs are so tired. 

How is your best mate at Leeds Utd?

Jamie Shackleton – we both came through the academy system together.

What’s it like working under Bielsa?

It’s been really hard – he’s a perfectionist and very demanding and wants things to be right. To be the best though you have to have very high standards.

 Max, a BIG Leeds Utd fan, gave Robbie a big thumbs up! He said afterwards “It was really good to hear Robbie talk about being a footballer!”

 A huge thank you to Mr Wales for creating this very exciting opportunity for our children which they all thoroughly enjoyed.