This week children at Green Lane have been taking part in Parliament Week 2020! Through different classroom based activities, they have been learning about a range of different aspects of Parliament. These have included:

  • The role of an M.P
  • The purpose (and differences between) the House of Commons and the House of Lords
  • What a constituency is and how and why elections take place
  • Why a Prime Minister forms their cabinet and the role of the opposition
  • How Parliament makes laws and the difference between laws and rules
  • Jobs in the House of Commons

On Wednesday Year 3 children took part in an interactive workshop with UK Parliament staff – it was a really fun and enjoyable way for them to learn more about parliament. Our two educators were impressed by our children’s knowledge and enthusiasm for British politics!
Here are what some children in Oak thought of the workshop:
“I thought it was good because we could learn even more” (Eimear)

“I’ve never done that before – I thought it was interesting” (Max)

“I really liked that we were able to learn lots about parliament” (Oliver)


Today we were very grateful to our local M.P Alec Shelbrooke for joining KS2 children on a Zoom and answering lots of really interesting questions the children had come up with. These included:

What are the challenges of being an MP in lockdown?

What are you doing to stop the spread of coronavirus in our area?

How do you cope with criticism from people?

What sort of topics do you talk about in the House of Commons?

What’s it like being an MP?

They were fascinated by what he had to say on a range of issues. A big thank you to him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us and enable us to end Parliament Week on a high!

Here is what some children in Rowan thought:

Amarah – “It was good to learn about the House of Commons and how and what they do!

“Lily – “I loved learning about how to become an M.P!

“Megan – “I liked it because some of the stuff we didn’t know Alec told us”

Brad – “I thought it was brilliant because he told us everything we needed to know about parliament”.