Children in Brilliant Brains (Nursery based bubble) enjoyed a Zoom call on Tuesday with Dr Kate Pike. As part of our Deep Blue Sea learning, the children have been fascinated by the beautiful creatures that grace our oceans. They have produced some super art work: paper tissue aquariums and salt dough sculptures. Then developing ideas around eco-schools, we began to learn more about the effects of plastics and oil pollution. Afterwards, we created posters with slogans to influence others: no pollution is the only solution, don’t be mean- keep it clean and keep the water clear or we will shed a tear. Georgie then happened to mention about a member of her family who was a marine environmentalist! So Dr Pike was invited to join us on our learning journey. She was keen to educate us further; by sharing her experiences, knowledge and views about the work she’s involved in. The children had all of their questions answered, for example; how she helps to make ships safer in the ocean and what dangerous creatures she has come into contact with! We learnt more about how vitally important the ocean is- that it creates (at least) 50% of our oxygen supply (the air we need to breathe) and that it regulates our climate. Dr Pike’s message of hope was very clear; if we can spread ocean appreciation and show compassion for the creatures within it, we can protect it, together. Our special thanks go to Dr Pike for such an inspirational session!