On Tuesday, Year 3 had a fantastic visit from Wakefield museum where we were shown and handled, some artefacts that were discovered around 100 years ago in Ancient Egyptian tombs. These artefacts are around 4,000 years old! The artefacts were returned to a local man in Wakefield who helped fund the dig in Egypt. The children had a fantastic time and learnt so much from this immersive, hands-on experience. They had the opportunity to see a mummified crocodile, jewellery, amulets and other useful and lucky artefacts. Here’s what a couple of the children thought:

“I liked the crocodile because it was so cool inside, and I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“It was fun because we got to see something from a long time ago!”

“It was great because we got to draw our own gods and look at objects”

“I liked it because we got to hold special things with gloves on!”