Design Technology

DT, at Green Lane, is incorporated in to GLAM lessons throughout the academic year. On this page you will find related documents, completed projects and competitions or special days. 

Each year group will complete at least three pieces each year.

Click on the words (in the table below) to view what the children have completed. This will be added to, throughout the year.

Year 1Autumn 2020 Toys
Year 2Autumn 2020 Moving Christmas card
Year 3Autumn 2020 Egyptian Structures
Year 4Autumn 2020 Light box
Year 5Autumn 2020 Viking artefacts
Year 6Autumn 2020 Drawstring bag
Year 1Spring 2021 Making mittens for an explorer
Year 2Spring 2021 African food
Year 3Spring 2021 Rousseau inspired rainforest collage
Year 4Spring 2021 Shelter Building
Year 5Spring 2021 Mechanical Bridges
Year 6Spring 2021 Building an Anderson Shelter

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