Views of the Academy

Parental comments from EYFS Stay and Play October 2018

“Really enjoyed the session, thank you. Was great to see a maths session in action and I loved the songs to help the children learn days of the week and months. Lots of lovely areas to keep them busy. I was particularly impressed with the skeleton (XXX was pointing out areas of the body he knew) and the interactive whiteboard. The tunnel was fun outside with the torches. A fantastic event, thank you.”

“The stay and play session was extremely interesting and informative. It will enable us to ask Noah appropriate questions about his day at school. I enjoyed seeing XXX accessing the play materials. Of particular interest was the session led by Miss XXX at the beginning of the day. The children were so attentive and very keen to participate.”

“The set-up of the room was very creative and imaginative. It was nice to have a play and see what the children do in the mornings.”

“Really enjoyed the stay and play morning with XXX, lots to do and see, lots of interactions from teachers too. Well done to everyone.”

Feedback from Open Door Reading Lesson October 2018

“Good to observe how the class works during a lesson. An interesting and engaging lesson, all good.”

“I really enjoyed today and learnt a lot and enjoyed seeing the class.”

“Very useful to understand how reading and comprehension is taught so we can do the same at home.”

“Great to be able to see the class in action. A really valuable session to get a sense of stage the year group is at.”

“I liked how you involved the children in reading paragraphs of the book giving all children of all abilities the chance to try.”

“Excellent teaching. Great to see all the children engaged and participating. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“Lovely to see all the class involved and enthusiastic. Mrs XXX is fabulous and making reading fun and enjoyable for every child in her class. I really enjoyed it too.”

“Really enjoyed reading session, good use of technology too.”

Parental feedback from GPS Open Door Lesson June 2018

“Great to see the children enjoying learning, really got them thinking when asked to change the sentences around.”

“Enjoyable. Clear instructions and teaching to the class – children seemed engaged and shared that they understood the lesson. Miss XXX showed great control of the class and made the lesson interesting. Thank you for the handout too.”

“Was really interesting to learn the amount of information the children learn about language in Y3. Lesson delivered in a way that kept us all interested and engaged.”

“I love seeing the children learning, it’s so different to how I learnt at school! The children work well together. Loved it!”

“Very useful, thank you. All students engaged with the lesson with a mixture of teaching aids provide. XXX reacted well and used his previously learnt knowledge to help him in his work. Thank you Mrs XXX. A great informative lesson.”

Parental Feedback from Lets Try.. Golf June 2018

“It was really good fun and well organised. I liked that parents were involved too and everyone was encouraged to join in”.

“Thank you for organising the event. It was great for XXX to try golf in a relaxed, non pressured environment. The link to our local club was a great idea so parents know where to go next”.

“It was a very good family event”.

“It was good to see the children enjoying playing and learning a new skill. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t kind. It was well put together under the circumstances”.

Parental Feedback from Lets Try.. American Football May 2018

“Really enjoyable. Good fun and exercise. Great to learn about a new sport. Instructor was knowledgeable and engaging.”

“It was good fun to play with son/daughter and mix with other parents. It was a well organised taster session with a variety of games. Nothing too challenging but taught new skills e.g how to throw an American football.”

“Really enjoyed the event. Great to get 1:1 time with XXX. Think the parents might have enjoyed it too much!”

“Brilliant to try something we haven’t done before. Would definitely recommend others to try it”.

Grandparent feedback from Grandparent Lunch February 2018

“Lovely food, staff very welcoming- children very well behaved. Classroom displays fabulous.”

“Had a lovely time, so nice to see the children so happy. Nice to be there to see part of the children’s day. Thank you.”

“Had a lovely time with my granddaughter. She loved showing me where to put things and her school, look forward to coming again.”

“A very enjoyable lunch, it was nice to meet XXX friends and chat to other grandparents.”

“Delicious food, met friendly people, wonderful experience.”

“Lovey, friendly school, all seemed well behaved, had a lovely lunch.”

“Lovely first visit, friendly school and wonderful polite children, thank you.”

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