Open Door maths lesson

24th January 2018

We invited parents in to see a maths lesson last week and it was very well supported - thank you. In September Year 1-year 6 are taught maths using the Same Day Intervention (SDI) maths strategy. The lesson is divided into two parts and parents were able to see the first 40 minutes.

Some of the feedback recieved was as folllows:

“Thank you very much for inviting us it has helped me and Fatima a lot and we have enjoyed it.”

“Miss Sewell is wonderful with all the children, including every child with all the aspects of learning. It is brilliant to see the passion from both Miss Sewell and the class. Brilliant.”

“I found today’s maths session very informative. As the way they multiply is different to how I did it 30 years ago! This means we can now help at home the way they do at school. It was lovely to see the children confident and enthusiastic.”

“Good session. Gracie is taught differently to how I was so it was good to be able to see how she does it so I can help her at home. It was also good to see how Gracie feels about maths when doing it at school in a class environment rather than at home when she sometimes struggles.”

“Thank you for this opportunity- really beneficial for me in terms of homework and how I can continue classroom learning with the same techniques.”

“Very good! I love seeing how the class works.”

“I really liked the interaction with the kids; they were all desperate to get their hands up to contribute! The maths exercises were all challenging but manageable.”

“Thank you to Poplar class teachers and staff who work really so hard for each and every child to achieve their targets and study hard. Would love to attend some more sessions time to time to understand how kids are doing in school. Keep it up.” Vidhi’s family.

“Very well put together session.” Mr Paterson.

“Enjoyed watching the way you teach and the interaction with kids. I always find that group activities help the information stick.”

“The maths session was brilliant, got to know the methods the children are taught in school. It was useful because I can teach the same way.

“I really love these types of stay and learn mornings. It gives me a great insight into how Jack’s lessons are structured and what level the teaching is pitched at. It also helps me and gives me ideas on how I can help him with his home learning.” Parent of Jack

“I liked that we had the opportunity to interact with the children’s activity. Thought it was a very good session with plenty of content.” Zac’s parent

“Thank you for the opportunity to come in to class and see maths in action, engaging teacher, peer coaching, and children self-mark to progress their own learning, great for supporting at home.” Chestnut parent.