17th July 2018

It has been another fantastic year for music at our school. I was thrilled to see how far the musicians have come when I saw them perform at the concert. This is down to a lot of hard work and a passion for music so they should be very proud of themselves. The choir have had their busiest year yet. We started off with the Christmas concert and then sang for the church and the community during the Spring Term. Summer came and we were fortunate enough to be asked to sing in the Big Sing at Leeds Town Hall which was an experience that I am sure we will never forget. To cap off a wonderful year, the choir then went on to perform at the FOGL Fair, Garforth Feastival and the GLPA Music Concert. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work in a school and a community that support music and children in the way that it does. Thank you to all the parents and staff who have supported us. I will miss it deeply.

Mr Tull


Some of the children have written a few pieces about their choir concerts this year. Enjoy!

Last Wednesday, it was the GLPA music concert. All the musicians in the Green Lane choir will played their instruments such as flutes, pianos, violins and woodwind. The choir also performed. Our first song was With a little help from my friends which we did without the musicians. The second song was A Million Dreams with the musicians. It was amazing and everyone in the audience cheered. We have loved being in the choir this year.

Harry & Evans, Year 4.

On Friday, it was the Green Lane Primary Academy annual FOGL fair. At the fair, the choir [including me] were singing. Inside Chestnut class, we were practising the songs that we had picked out. The songs were: Hold Back The River, True Colours, Shut Up And Dance and With a Little Help From My Friends. When we left the classroom to go outside, I was so excited that I could just jump to the moon. I thought that I was going to go to the front of the choir because I was small but I got to the back since the kids from KS1 got the front. When we started singing, I had butterflies in my tummy but it was a good feeling. The first song that we sang was With A Little Help From My Friends. I forgot some words but it sounded good overall. After the first song, I felt more confident as ever. The second song was True Colours. I felt really joyful after we finished the song. The next song was Shut Up And Dance. We left our favourite song for last, Hold Back The River. Afterwards, I felt proud like a super hero. It was really fun. I recommend you doing it next year.

Abril & Keira, Year 4.


On Saturday, the Green Lane Choir went to the Garforth Feastival to perform a few songs such as True Colours, Shut up and Dance, Hold back the river and A Little Help from my Friends. Loads of people were singing along and having a great time, whilst enjoying their food. When we had finished the last song, there was a huge round of applause, especially for Mr Tull who played the guitar throughout the concert. We all had so much fun singing and we left with smiles on our faces.

Rhiley & Gabby, Year 4.