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Pupil Voice- January 2016

" Everyone is caring and helps each other."

"Really nice Principal."

"We have activities for any sort of person's interest."

"If you are sad/lonely there is always someone to help."

"We have lots of clubs and we go to lots of sports events."

"It's a positive environment and people encourage you."

"Teachers are nice and helpful."

"Everyone is trying to make you into the best person that you can be."

Pupil Survey

" I like the friends I have in this school and I like the kindness as well."

"What I like best about Green Lane is that it is a welcoming academy and everybody is given a chance to reach their full potential.

"I feel safe and the teachers help me learn."

"I like being valued at our academy.  I also like all the clubs we are invited to."

"I like coming to Green Lane because it is a very happy place."

"I like the outdoor learning because we get to explore our surroundings."

"The teachers at the Academy are very fun whilst even we are doing work that we don’t want to do."

"I just love this school.  When I leave this school, I will be sad when it happens."

"I like it because Mrs Prince runs it."

"The school educates us well."

Please see the full parent report below.



"On behalf of all the parents, we would like to express our great gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts done by all the teachers to make the school time more enjoyable for the children and excellent environment for learning."

 "The Academy is very inclusive."

"GLPA successfully develops children’s confidence."

"There are lots of opportunities for parents to be involved in academy life either invites into school or via blogs." 

“I am worried about something I go straight to the teacher or Mrs Hector. It gets sorted quickly and it stops me from worrying. I like that I can do that. I couldn't do that in previous school. That speaks volumes”.  

“Support for children and parents that have special needs. I like how they listen to me. There is lots of opportunity for my opinion.  I am grateful that the school thinks about the whole child. Most importantly, my child LOVES going to school every day.”  

"Excellent communication to parents in a variety of ways."

“The best decision we made was to move our children to Green Lane! All areas are just right! I wish we had them here from the beginning.”  

“I like how my child is becoming well rounded.” 

“Love GLPA! The teachers are wonderful, they make learning so much fun and so interesting for the children. If school had been like this when I were a child (many moons ago!!) I would have been delighted. My son has just moved to GLPA in September and for the first time in his entire life he actually WANTS to come to school! He even complained everyday of the recent half term holidays because he was missing school! I would like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful staff at the school you are a real credit in every way.” 

“We greatly value the 'holistic approach' to developing a well-rounded child (not solely around literacy and numeracy but also the arts, PHSE, socially and morally, etc- life skills that are equally/more important as academic success).” 

“Our children enjoy coming to school. The Christmas productions are fantastic and a credit to the school, it would be easy to remove from school life but these memories will last forever. The maypole dancing each year and sports days are great.” 

“When I have a question, it is answered quickly”. 

“Lots of varied learning sports clubs After school clubs Enthusiastic teachers Being able to spread costs of residential trips etc.”

 “Excellent behaviour which is noticeable whenever I attend the Academy." 

“It is not all about reading and writing and maths. It is about children who are learning how to learn and give chances to use those skills. It is about self confidence and enjoyment of life. My child loves coming to school. She loves the awesome awards and positive attitudes. I love the caring, support and friendliness. We don't say thank you enough. Thank you Green lane!"

XXX is very comfortable with her routine of coming to school and loves the variety of activities she is set. She spends lots of time re-enacting this at home. (Year 1)

I felt that the teacher new my child well and understood where she was progressing. (Year 2)

Thank you to all staff! (Year 5)

It was good that you could wait and look at your child’s books in a separate area to where the parental interviews were being held. (Year 6)

Very pleased with XXX’s progress & success so far. J (Year 2)

We do appreciate the great effort done by the teachers to make the teaching process fun & learning. (Year 1)

So proud of how all three of my boys are doing within this school and how much hard work the teachers & TAs put into making sure they have a fab education. Thank you! (Year 1, 3 and 5)

On behalf of all the parents, we would like to express our great gratitude & appreciation for all the efforts done by all the teachers to make the school time more enjoyable for the children and an excellent environment for learning. (Year 5)

XXX loves school and this shows with how well she is doing in class.  It’s so much more interesting than when I was at school. (Reception)

Happy Parents! J

Comments from the Parent's Evening (March 2016)


  • Great to see XXXX’s books and photos from class.

  • Thank you!

  • Great that we could see all three of the class teachers!

  • XXXX seems to have benefited from having a male teacher this year, which seems to have built his confidence at school.

  • Was lovely to see Mrs Hector’s smiling face at the door! Very welcoming!

  • Thank you for your time and coordinating both children’s appointment times.

  • Thank you for your time.  XXXX has had an amazing year so far, thanks to his teacher and amazing adults in his class.  What an exceptional teacher!

  • Lovely to hear that they are working hard and well behaved.  We are very pleased with their progress!

  • School dinner department was used to show my child the other food items on offer.  Hopefully he will try other foods instead of jacket potatoes!

  • Thank you for helping with XXXX’s development and clearly caring so much about her progression!

  • Thank you for engaging in XXXX’s development.  He clearly enjoys his time in class and seems to be thriving in a great environment.

  • I like the attitude of the teachers and felt that they have really gone beyond the norm to help keep XXXX on track.

  • Just a good experiences as it was in no hurry approach.  The teacher was brilliant at explaining all the things I didn’t understand and he is a great teacher.

Complete report can be found below.


What did you find useful about Parent’s Evening? (November 2015)


  • Good to find out what she was doing. (Nursery)

  • I found it useful hearing how my child is developing and learning.  I thought it was useful to see some of her work. (Reception)

  • Looking at XXX’s books, understanding what is being focused on in class, update on his progress, chance to ask questions. (Reception)

  • Clear indication where my child is and the things we need to do to help her more.  Very honest feedback and very constructive from the teacher. (Year 1)

  • It’s a nice opportunity to meet teachers and understand how XXX interacts in class in comparison to home.  It’s very useful to understand where Alyssa is academically & where her challenges are or what she needs challenging with. (Year 1)

  • Good to find out how XXX is doing in class as we don’t always get much information from XXX! Lovely to hear he’s on target & very useful to know that we could do a little more handwriting practice with him.  Nice to have a look through his books too. (Year 2)

  • Clear indication of where my child is and the things we need to do to help her more.  Very honest feedback and very constructive from the teacher. (Year 2)

  • I liked the fact that you got to speak with both class teacher and maths teacher.  It was lovely to hear how XXX had settled into KS2. (Year 3)

  • A relaxed & friendly atmosphere with space between other teachers/parents to discuss privately with the teacher. XXX was spoken about very specifically and I was able to take away information to help him at home. (Year 3)

  • Having time to sit with class teacher without interruptions and hear how your child is doing in class and where you can help them at home. (Year 4)

  • Lovely to see and talk to class teacher.  XXX loves school.  Thank you for making it so interesting for them. (Year 4)

  • It was good to learn how XXX is doing in school in general & in specific subjects. We are happy with his progress. (Year 5)

  • It was great to hear what’s happening within class and what things I need to be aware of (homework) wise in the next few months. Understanding the work format was also interesting. (Year 5)

  • Being able to find out about XXX’s progress, his targets and how he interacts in his class with his peers. (Year 6)

  • We found it useful to find out how XXX is in his learning so we can continue to support at home.  Also meeting XXX’s new teachers. (Year 6)

Please see full report below.

Additional parental views for the Stay and Learn Sessions can be found below.


"I enjoy the team environment in which I work. I also, the positivity and motivation that my class teacher brings to the classroom everyday."

 " I like the commitment of all the staff, team work, friendliness and the positive attitude by staff and children."

 "GLPA is a calm, friendly and comfortable place to work. The children respond well to the staff who work with them."

 " I enjoy working with like minded collegues and staff and getting the best out of the children as well as overcoming challenges and solving problems together as a team. There is alway someone to share your worries with at GLPA whether it be personal or professional."

 "I love the way the academy thrives on different styles of learning ....outdoor /stay and play etc."

 "GLPA is a fantastic school with commited staff that work extremely hard to provide the best for our children. Staff work well as team, always sharing ideas and supporting each other in our roles. Children are always happy and keen to talk about their learning. It is a pleasure when showing visitors around the Academy. Our creative curriculum is always developing inline with children's interests."


Additionally, parents can use Parent View.

Parent View allows you to give your views on Green Lane Primary Academy to Ofsted. The process is totally confidential and designed for parents and carers to provide feedback to Ofsted on the areas of school life they think are well managed, as well as any they feel are in need of improvement.

Parent View asks you about 12 key aspects of the school, from the quality of teaching, to how we deal with incidents of poor behaviour. Ofsted will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when.

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